Two Yukon First Nations Initiatives featured at the Montreal Science Centre Exhibit: Indigenous Ingenuity

The Montreal Science Centre has recently wrapped up their exhibit on Indigenous Ingenuity, which featured two Yukon First Nations initiatives. The Centre received over 100,000 visitors over the course of the exhibit and was such a success that it has been renewed for another feature between October 2018-March 2019. Earlier last year, AICBR teamed up with McGill University to work on the project "Acting on Climate Change: Indigenous Innovations". We worked with McGill, Selkirk and Kluane First Nations as well as our friends at the Inuvik Community Greenhouse to put together some short clips to be highlighted in the Climate Tactics Game, which was a highlight of the exhibit. This innovative game takes the user through a series of steps, highlighting different Indigenous community initiatives, in order to reduce greenhouse gases.

Two Yukon featured innovations include Selkirk First Nation's Keeping Our Traditions project and Kluane First Nation's Nourishing Our Future project. See written excerpts below (click on the images to enlarge). For full pdf of the community profiles, click here

The objective of the Acting on Climate Change: Indigenous Innovations project is to forward cross-cultural learning on climate change mitigation and adaptation that makes meaningful progress towards Reconciliation in Canada, recognizing the leadership of Indigenous cultures with respect to sustainability as a key element of their relationship with the environment. As part of the steering committee for the project, we joined forces with the team's Climate Action Youth Ambassador Program and hosted our Yukon Indigenous Community Climate Change Champions training project. Now, the curriculum developed from the YIC4 training project is being implemented in Northern Québec, with the Ambassadors there, resulting in a true cross-pollination of Indigenous youth education in the areas of climate change adaptation and mitigation!  

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