YIC4 - Yukon Indigenous Community Climate Change Champions Training 

November 27-30th, 2017 & Summer 2018

Mobilizing Knowledge for Developing Indigenous Community Champions for Climate Change Adaptation in Yukon


This two-year project will focus on training Yukon Indigenous youth, aged 18-30 years as well as RRC members on climate change and leadership skills for gathering and mobilizing new and existing knowledge, from global, local and Indigenous perspectives, for climate change adaptation in the Yukon. Three youth from other northern regions in Canada will also be invited to take part. A four-day training will be hosted in Whitehorse, November 27-30th 2017 with a follow-up session occurring in the summer of 2018. Along with developing a firm basis of Indigenous and scientific knowledge about climate change causes, effects and adaptation strategies, youth will be trained to do a community assessment to explore priority areas for climate change action; they will then build upon this assessment in Phase 2 (Summer 2018 training session) and develop ideas for a youth-/community-led projects. In between the trainings, there will be networking and further training opportunities (via teleconference and webinar) through the establishment of a Yukon First Nations - Climate Change Adaptation Network. The overall goal of this initiative is to build capacity of Yukon communities to respond to complex issues related to climate change and its affects on food and water security, in particular. 

Overall objectives of the training:

  • Build connections between Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing with western science around climate change
  • Explore the causes, effects and adaptation strategies of climate change from global, national and local perspectives
  • Incorporate hands-on, experiential lessons and time to practice and apply learned knowledge
  • Network and connect with other Indigenous youth across the territory and Canada’s North
  • Gain concrete knowledge and skills that can be applied to future careers (educational and professional) in land/community monitoring, community-based research, leadership, and environmental education (among others)
  • Learn how to conduct a community assessment related to exploring climate change adaptation needs and strengths through water, earth, air and fire that can applied to action & future projects in your community
  • Learn from other territories and northern regions about climate change challenges and adaptation strategies.
  • Gain increased confidence in the areas of leadership and climate change justice
  • Know where to get further support and gather new skills and knowledge post-training

Current Partners:

We are working together with the Council of Yukon First Nations, the Yukon Government's Climate Change Secretariat, and Yukon College's Research Centre on this initiative as well as interested Yukon First Nations communities.

Funders and sponsors:

  • Polar Knowledge Canada
  • Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
  • McGill University (supporting with travel and training)
  • Air North (donation for draw prize)