Working Together to Achieve Healthier Lifestyles in Yukon & Northwest Territories’ Communities (2013-2018)


This initiative involves identifying ways to support, promote and facilitate healthier lifestyles in communities, through the strengthening of partnerships between organizations, governments, and communities. We are particularly interested in sustainability and are working with others to understand the factors that contribute to maintaining lasting long-term outcomes in our communities.  As lead and support for the project, AICBR is following a collective impact approach, working with those who share a common agenda, offer mutually reinforcing activities, and is facilitating continuous communication between partners.


The project goal is to create territorial and cross-territorial community-based research partnerships devoted to identifying, planning, implementing, and evaluating short and long-term initiatives that focus on healthy lifestyles for Yukon and Northwest Territories families and communities. The pillars of the project include healthy eating, active living, health literacy, and food security.

  • Northerners in Yukon and Northwest Territories’ communities follow healthier lifestyles.

  • Organizations, government departments and businesses in Yukon and NWT work in partnership together to foster healthy lifestyles in communities.


Public Health Agency of Canada's Innovation Strategy (2013-2017) 

some key successes: