INTRODUCING Release of New Film in Partnership with Kluane First Nation: Remembering Our Past Nourishing Our Future


In partnership with Kluane First Nation (KFN) we are pleased to announce the recent release of KFN's Remembering Our Past Nourishing Our Future DVD which was produced in collaboration with AICBR as part the Nourishing Our Future project. We have been working with KFN over the past 3 years and this documentary is the culmination of a tremendous amount of great work that the community has done to reclaim their culture, traditions, food security, and future wellbeing. The documentary weaves a story of climate change, food security, shifting landscapes and how the small community of Burwash Landing in Kluane First Nation's majestic traditional territory has used their self-determination to honour their past, harness their resilience and traditional knowledge, skills and culture in order to nourish their future.

Moving those who watch it, this video has the power to transform. Importantly, it sheds light on the tough challenges faced by Northern communities who are at the forefront of climate change and offers a new way forward that is rooted in culture, traditions and community. It is a story of a people who are reclaiming their land and harnessing their own solutions through remembrance, reconnection and revitalization. 

"The future may be a difficult path but we know that if we care for each other and for this land, the land will care or us." - Diyet van Lieshout, Narrator and Kluane First Nations citizen

This film and all the contents of the Nourishing Our Future project are owned by Kluane First Nation; AICBR has been given the rights to disseminate and share the resources developed, as per the agreed terms of a copyright and communications agreement.

The reports from Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Nourishing Our Future project (click on images to download)  are also available on our website (projects page.)


WATCH the film below!

Home to the highest glacial mountains in Canada and one of the largest lakes in Yukon, Kluane First Nation traditional territory is a part of internationally recognized Kluane National Park. Ä si Keyi, means "Our Grandfather's land." This dramatic sub-arctic land is changing. The film tells a story about how climate change and the history of food insecurity have affected Kluane First Nations people and the land they call home. It portrays strategic adaptation by embracing their past as the foundation towards prioritizing their culture and traditional values, practices and knowledge. Ultimately, it is a story of resilience of a peoples in the wake of a changing world. As Diyet van Lieshout, Narrator of the film profoundly says: "The future may be a difficult path but we know that if we care for each other and for this land, the land will care or us."