Healthy Living in My Community Project

The Healthy Living in My Community project will bring community stories of healthy living to the classroom and connect students to healthy living initiatives (related to: healthy eating, active living, mental health, sexual health, youth leadership, career exploration, and cultural activities) in their communities through the creation of online maps and the integration of storytelling and experiential learning.

This project builds off of AICBR’s Healthy Living Inventory, which is a tool to enhance collaboration and information sharing between the public, organizations, decision-makers, programmers, among others for advancing healthy lifestyles in Yukon and Northwest Territories’ communities.

We have created a free unit plan and lesson package for teachers that will meet English Language Arts, Physical and Health Education and Applied Design, Skills and Technologies curriculum requirements. The unit plan is ideally suited for grades 5-10 but can be easily adapted to suit younger or older grades and the package may be implemented in full or partially, using one or two lessons as desired.

Please download the brochure for more information on the project and/or explore the example story maps here! Contact us to learn more: