Yukon Indigenous Community Climate Change Champion (YIC4) Training

Renewable Resources Council Member Position

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Description: This two-year project will focus on training Indigenous youth, aged 18-30 years on climate change and leadership skills for gathering and mobilizing new and existing knowledge, from global, local and Indigenous perspectives, for climate change adaptation in the Yukon. Renewable Resources Council members are encouraged to participate in the training and support the youth champions when back in their communities.

Dates/Location of the training: November 27-30 2017 & Summer 2018 (Dates TBD); Location TBC, Whitehorse

Register by October 26th!


RRC Participant Criteria:

  • A member of a Renewable Resources Council in a Yukon community
  • Able to work with and be a mentor to youth in their community
  • Have good communication skills, ability and willingness for public speaking an asset
  • Understanding of community’s land claims, Indigenous food systems, and environmental ecosystems in communities, an asset

What will you get out this training?

  • Connections built between Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing with western science around climate change
  • Exploration of the causes, effects and adaptation strategies of climate change from global, national and local perspectives
  • These topics will be explored and guided by the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water
  • A mix of traditional Indigenous teachers, scientists and local knowledge holders will be involved as trainers and facilitators
  • Incorporation of hands-on, experiential lessons and time to practice and apply learned knowledge
  • New connections with Indigenous youth across the territory and exploration of mentorship opportunities within Yukon communities
  • Gain concrete knowledge and skills that can be applied to work & careers in land/community monitoring, community-based research, leadership, and environmental education (among others)
  • Learn how to develop and conduct a community assessment related to exploring climate change adaptation needs and strengths through water, earth, air and fire elements that can applied to action & future projects in your community
  • Learn from other territories and other northern regions about climate change challenges and adaptation strategies
  • Increased confidence in the areas of leadership and climate change justice
  • Opportunities for ongoing communication and educational opportunities through the participation in the Yukon First Nations Climate Change Adaptation Network

How will this training benefit your community?

  • Communities will have increased understanding of strengths and needs with respect to climate change adaptation
  • The future generation of leaders in preserving homelands and counteracting climate change will be trained to explore ideas for action
  • The knowledge gathered will directly benefit the communities involved and can compliment other training and professional development opportunities that exist for climate change, land monitors, and/or other lands- and environment-based young leaders
  • Increased mentorship opportunities for youth will help to train future leaders and ensure that knowledge generation and action are connected back to work that is already being done through Renewable Resources Councils and other Heritage, Lands and Resources departments for example

Expectations & Responsibilities:

  • Travel to Whitehorse and participate in two training sessions focused on climate change and adaptation strategies in Yukon communities. The dates for these training sessions are November 27-30, 2017 [year 1] and summer 2018 (Date TBD) [year 2]
    • Once trained as Community Climate Change Champions, youth will be equipped and asked to work on initiatives and activities in their communities, including conducting a community assessment, with the support of local Renewable Resources Council and community
  • Members are encouraged to provide local support to complete Community Assessment, working with [up to two] youth from your community who attended training (November 2017-March 2018)
  • We are currently seeking additional funding to contribute to youth wages post-training. If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to partner on this project, please contact us!
  • Ongoing communication with AICBR, project partners and other Community Champions as part of a Yukon First Nations Climate Change Adaptation Network throughout 2017-2019 [i.e. bimonthly webinars/teleconferences]

Project Duration: November 2017-December 2018. Two FREE four-day training sessions; other hours will vary dependent on needs of each community, and level of participation in the Yukon First Nations Climate Change Adaptation Network.

    Register Now:

    Registration Due Date: October 26th, 2017

    We will follow up in October regarding more details on the training and will be providing you with an information package. Training event details will also be posted on our website

    To register for the training, please fill out the following form or download the pdf version and submit via email to:; by fax: (867) 668-5543; or in person/by mail at 308 Hanson Street, Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 1Y6

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