Jen Jones


I am Yukonner and have lived North for over 20 years. I am in my first year of a PhD at Guelph University. I started my journey through academia later in life - fuelled by work I was doing with the Council of Yukon First Nations and the First Nation Health and Social departments.

I was very fortunate (and thankful) to have received a scholarship from AICBR (then the Arctic Health Research Network - Yukon), to support my Masters of Public Health in 2010, which has now turned into a PhD. My focus area is Aboriginal health and mining - specifically looking at the how we conceptualize the impacts of colonial and assimilation policies on current health and account for that in assessment and governance mechanisms (i.e. YESAB and Impact and Benefit Agreements).

I joined the Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research’s Board in 2014.I love to travel, hike and cycle tour.