Join us for Canada's "largest and most vibrant food gathering" in Montreal!


About the Assembly:


The 10th National Assembly will be held at Concordia University in Montreal, November 1-4th, 2018.


"Resetting the Table, FSC’s 10th Assembly, will bring together Canada’s brightest food thinkers and most innovative organizations to share and develop practical solutions to national and global issues related to food - climate, equity, health and sustainability. As always, a rich program of tours, plenaries, and workshops will offer great opportunities for learning and networking.

Assembly focus areas will include: agroecology; building resilient local food economies (infrastructure, hubs, institutional procurement); climate change; farm renewal; food policy: national, provincial, municipal; food security, justice, equity; food waste; healthy eating strategies and food environments; healthy school food; measuring impact; Northern and Indigenous food sovereignty; food as a feminist issue and more.

This event is co-hosted by Food Secure Canada (FSC), the Concordia Food Coalition and Concordia University, leaders in the student food movement and in campus sustainability."

Join the Conversation on Northern Food Systems!

Two years ago, AICBR and FSC co-hosted a Northern Networking Gathering at the 9th National Assembly in Toronto. This session was an opportunity for northerners to meet face-to-face, share community food news and discuss ideas for action related to the creation of a Northern Food Network (NFN). The focus of these NFN discussions were targeted at the emerging national food policy (A Food Policy for Canada) and the possibility for a Northern Food Summit. Since that time, members of the NFN have led and been involved in a number of discussions, events and webinars related to the emerging national food policy, participated in FSC's recent Sustainable Northern Food Systems study and through the NFN bi-monthly webinar series, heard a number of northern community voices on topics related to food security, agriculture, health and environment. 

At the 10th National Assembly in Montreal, there will be a session called “Northern Food Systems - Confronting Challenges through Research and Practice”, which will bring together northerners and southerners to discuss challenges related to food systems and food security in North; it will also be a space to identify opportunities related to advancing networks, partnerships and collective action on these themes. The Northern Food Network is invited to take part in these discussions. There are a limited number of travel bursaries available - please email Alex Boulet ( for more information.

If you are not able to attend the meeting in Montreal, please fill out the short survey below and share your ideas on how the NFN can continue to advance conversations and collaboration in the North.

Northern Food Network Survey:

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