Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention is an important aspect of health and well-being. As an area of public health, injury prevention can be defined as efforts to prevent or reduce the severity of injuries before they occur.

AICBR takes a community-based approach to injury prevention by changing communities’ norms and behaviours and by altering the physical environment of communities to reduce the risk of injury. AICBR is a member of Safe Communities Whitehorse and Safe Communities Canada.

AICBR continues to seek opportunities to provide injury prevention training, surveillance, host workshops, and produce guides and manuals in this area. Please contact us about upcoming events, projects or potential partnerships.

Injury Reports and Publications

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[pdf] Report on the Yukon Injury Prevention Priority Setting Exercise

[pdf]Checklist and Action Plan ("Fall Prevention Checklist")
Yukon First Nations Version

[pdf]  Mind Body Spirit
Promising Practices in First Nations and Inuit Home and Community Care