The meaningful engagement of northerners in health, natural and social science research focused on northern priorities, with results contributing to all northerners living healthy lives.


To facilitate, promote and conduct community-based, northern-led research aimed at improving the lives of Indigenous and non-Indigenous northerners and the health of northern environments.


  1. To serve as a resource for northern health, natural and social science research activities with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

  2. To develop community driven, northern-led, health and wellness research capacity to facilitate the identification of, and appropriate activities related to, northern health and wellness research.

  3. To develop strong partnerships with communities, non-profit organizations, multiple levels of government and the private sector to facilitate opportunities for inter-sectoral collaboration on complex health and wellness issues.

  4. To establish partnerships with universities and colleges to develop and strengthen community-based research capacity and knowledge.

  5. To develop, apply and promote ethical guidelines for best practices in northern health and wellness research