Indigenous Research Opportunity: Promoting Indigenous Control of Indigenous Education

You can help with the start-up of the NEW National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education!

Participate in Indigenous research to gather examples of excellence in Indigenous education and contribute to the National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education (NCCIE) website, (currently under development).

What is the NCCIE?


The National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education (NCCIE) is a new initiative of the First Nations University of Canada to promote information-sharing and collaboration among Indigenous educators and practitioners across Canada. The stories you gather, highlighting best practices in Indigenous education in your region, will be uploaded to an innovative website so that others can learn from your successes.

Starting from this position of strength, the NCCIE responds to the call to promote Indigenous control of Indigenous education.



  • $2,500 * plus travel expenses


  • Can be located anywhere in the Yukon, travel is covered


  • Attend a training session for the project.

  • Interview (using video technology) Indigenous educators/practitioners in five (5) programs that are examples of excellence in Indigenous education.

  • Develop a 3-5 minute video clip from each interview to upload to the NCCIE website.

  • Present your findings at a Regional Workshop to share the stories you have gathered with interested practitioners and organizations in your area.

This is an experiential learning opportunity in Indigenous research. Preference given to students with experience in Indigenous education, Indigenous communities, or both. All are invited to apply. Must be in the Yukon to accommodate travel within the territory.

Application Deadline:

  • November 3rd, 2018

To learn more and get involved, contact: Kylie Campbell at

Funding for this project has been generously provided by: