Norma Kassi to Speak at University of Alberta on Climate Change, Governance and Indigenous Food Sovereignty

Norma Kassi will be traveling to the Universty of Alberta in Edmonton next week as a special guest to present a Yukon-perspective on the issues of climate change, Indigenous food sovereignty and strategic adaptation. Students, Faculty and the public are welcome to this 3-hr, free presentation at the University campus. 

View event poster here

About the presentation:

"Shifting landscapes, declining traditional food sources, erratic weather, as well as changing snow/ice patterns and animal behaviours are some of the rising concerns among the people living in Indigenous communities in Yukon, and across the North. How these and other political and economic factors relate to the high rates of food insecurity among Indigenous Northerners is of paramount importance. This presentation will provide an overview of some of the effects of climate change on food security and cultural survival among Yukon First Nations communities and provide examples of the intersections between governance and climate change adaptation. Communities across the North are coming together to plan for more food secure futures in holistic ways. Norma will share three examples from Yukon where First Nation communities are using their self-governance structures and their traditional values, practices and knowledge to strategically adapt to these challenges."

Date and Time:

  • January 18th, 3-5pm


  • Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA 1-182), University of Alberta Campus, Edmonton, AB