Environment Canada employees watch AICBR film

About 66 Environment Canada employees gathered on August 20, 2015 to watch AICBR's "Our Changing Homelands, Our Changing Lives" film. Norma Kassi teleconferenced into the meeting for a Q&A session after the group had watched the film.

Employees responded to the following question after to the film "What did you appreciate about this film screening?".

“Very honest, very real”

“Two aspects of the film were very strong for me. One, was the youth engagement in the film and hearing their perspective. Two, was the local community impact as a strong example of how climate change is impacting Northern communities. It is a very important piece of the story that people need to hear.”

“Overall, I thought the screening and discussion was very professional and well done.”

“I thought this film was new and different”