AICBR presents an Eco-health Webinar

Exciting Intersections for Ecohealth in Action: Northern remote communities + you + new ways of engaging

Together with an impressive line-up of academics from Laval and McGill University, AICBR presented a webinar focused on the innovative work of northern communities, their youth and engagement. The speakers on the webinar presented on November 25, 2015, included:

  • Mélanie Lemire, Ph.D-Department of Social and Preventive Medicine Faculty of Medicine, Laval University “Purple tongue project”
  • Margaret Amos, Ph.D Student, McGill Initiative for Diversity and Global Education
  • Katelyn Friendship, MA-Acting Executive Director/Associate Director, Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research
  • Norma Kassi, Director of Indigenous Collaboration, Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research 

AICBR focused on Indigenous Community Food Security in Yukon Territory.

Our presentation focused on AICBR's community-based approach and engaging with Indigenous communities in a respectful and ethically responsible manner. Following a community-based approach has resulted in tangible food security strategies tailored to meet the needs of each community circumstances and cultural heritage.

To listen to a recording of this webinar please click here.

Testimonial from the webinar,

Lovely example of simultaneously building both engagement and capacity with youth. Also an inspirational example of linking determinants of health and health itself.