Food Security Inventory Map


In 2014 and 2016, the Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research (AICBR) did an inventory of healthy eating and active living programs in the NWT and Yukon. This was part of a project called Working Together To Achieve Healthier Lifestyles in Yukon and Northwest Territories Communities. We greatly appreciated all those who helped gather and share program information and have created two webmaps out of the data, now posted on our website as an online mapping tool (

These maps help program coordinators, recreation leaders, funders, and others, to access information about the healthy initiatives going on in their community and enhance opportunities for sharing success stories. The purpose of this tool is to facilitate collaboration between organizations and others in order to work together to support healthier lifestyles across the North.  

We invite you to help us build an evolving and comprehensive picture of the healthy living programs in the two territories in order to strengthen the tool. This tool is useful for sharing information about programs, creating and strengthening [new and existing] networks, and showcasing successes or identifying gaps in programming. This helps programs and communities with planning for healthier communities and to avoid duplication in others. 

"Sharing knowledge is crucial. Because in order to know where we're going, we need to know where we are now and identify what's working and where there are opportunities to work together."

If you have more than one program/service/initiative to share information about, please fill out the survey for each separately.