Canadian Mountain Network: Indigenous Engagement (2017)

We are working with the Yukon Government and University of Alberta throughout the summer of 2017 to promote the concept of Canadian Mountain Network and seek input from Yukon First Nations on their research priorities. 


The Canadian Mountain Network (CMN) is a collaborative effort of Canadian universities, governments, and Indigenous communities, dedicated to establishing an interdisciplinary mountain research network in Canada ( 

The CMN will bring together mountain communities across Canada with the University of Alberta as the host institution and Dr. David Hik as the Research Director. In order to provide long-term funding for the Network, the CMN hosts and advisors decided to enter the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) competition and are currently drafting a Letter of Intent (LOI), which will be submitted on November 15th, 2017. The Final Application would not be submitted until July 2018, following significant further consultations. This initiative could lead to up to $75 million over 15 years for the Network.

In the spirit of reconciliation, the CMN wants to engage Yukon First Nation governments from the very beginning to help shape the Network from the onset. While only at the early stages of developing a Letter of Intent, the CMN would like to gather input about the important research questions and priorities that communities may have. With the possibility of 15 years of funding for the Network, there will be opportunities for Yukon First Nations to lead and partner on research initiatives, have opportunities for training, capacity building, and ensuring that the Yukon’s research agenda is relevant to our Territory.

vision of the CMN:

To support the sustainability of Canada’s diverse mountain environments, & the people and communities who inhabit them, through research. As you know, we are all a part of the mountains here in Yukon and our Indigenous perspectives and understanding of change supports the resilience of our people and our lands and waters.

The two proposed overarching themes of CMN are Inspired Voices and Building Knowledge. These themes focus on partnerships and collaboration, and how to ensure research that happens in Yukon is relevant, shared, and leads to sustainable outcomes. The Network would be a platform for networking, partnerships, training, and knowledge sharing. An important objective for the Network’s design is to ensure that Indigenous partners have joint ownership over the approach and results.


  • To assist the CMN in collaborating with Yukon First Nations on the Letter of Intent stage and seek input for research priorities as the CMN develops

Fore More Information:


  • Yukon Government and the University of Alberta


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