Community Based Research

At a gathering in 2012, AICBR worked with our partners to come up with a common understanding of community.

In the Yukon, the primary community for AICBR is a community of place, where all living things are connected ecologically and spiritually -the people, the land, animals and plants in rural and urban locations. AICBR recognizes that all those living in the Yukon belong to several different communities - they connect to others with similar interests; such as others who speak the same language, have the same history, belong to the same profession, care about the same problem, work together or go to school together. Both communities of place and communities of interest are evolving and dynamic.

Yukon Food Security Events


Within the context of changing climate and uncertain economic times, access to and availability of both store-bought and traditional food is decreasing in Yukon. Across the Canadian North, food security is becoming an increasingly urgent issue, and one that requires both immediate and long-term collaborative efforts towards realistic, culturally relevant and sustainable solutions. Communities across the North are focusing their attention on developing coordinated food security strategies and activities.

Healthy Living Inventory Maps

Together with our partners through the Working Together to Achieve Healthier Lifestyles in Yukon and Northwest Territories’ Communities project, we have compiled information on Healthy Eating and Active Living programs in communities in both territories (information is from 2014 and will be updated to 2016).

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